My Favorite GPT Sites

I love talking about my favorite subject GPT sites. You see it was GPT sites that saved me from having to work at Burger King. Let me tell you, it was no fun working there, I got paid minimum wage, why would any employer think that’s ok? It’s like saying “We would pay you less but it’s against the law”.

I didn’t have many choices, it’s like I could try to mow lawns or sell crap on Craigslist (and I did both) to add a little money to my sad BK earnings. Then one day I found GPT sites, these sites claimed to pay you to do stuff, stuff you can do right from home. I joined a few, some were better than others, I wasted lots of times with some that didn’t pay me, like inbox dollars and a few others. But some were great, some paid on time every time, some even had great support, you can even talk straight to the owner on some of these GPT sites.

I started shunning the bad sites and spending my time only on the good ones, that’s when I started to make better money. I was making so much money that I no longer needed to mow grass or sell stuff on Craigslist. Eventually I even made enough money to quit working at Burger King. It was such a great feeling to walk out of that place and never turn back. I still see my old co-workers when I go up there to get some quick food. I feel sorry for them really, they are stuck, at least they think they are stuck, I know that feeling all to well.

Here is my list of my favorite GPT sites, these are the same ones I use everyday to support my family.

  1. – This is a great place to start, they pay instantly and it’s a low $1 minimum, that means you only have to earn $1 to get paid and as soon as you request payment you have it. There wasn’t even sites like this when I started.
  2. – This is a great GPT site for all countries. They pay instantly with a $1 minimum. They also have Bitcoin as a payment option as well as PayPal. You will also see they have lots of offer walls over 20.
  3. – This GPT site has been like a home away from home, an internet home for me since 2012. The owner is really nice and always available, it has a low minimum only $1 and you get it fast. You will also find many contests and bonus promotions.
  4. – Here we have a site owned by a really nice person who is always willing to help her members. You will find 23 offer walls, contests, loyalty bonus and more fun rewarding ways to earn money.

These arent the only GPT sites I use, but they are among my favorite, If you would like to see the rest please visit