Great contests on PocketMoneyGPT – for referral and offers completed

There are some great new contests over at one of my absolute favorite GPT sites. The site is and it’s a fun place to make money. I joined back in 2012 and so far I have earned $5,291.60. You can do this too, you can earn in many ways. The contests currently running are.

  • Complete The Most 20+ International – This contest is for the NON USA Members
  • Complete The Most – This is for everyone in any country and all offers count
  • Complete The Most – 5pt+ – This is for all members who complete offers for 5 points and over
  • Complete The Most U.S – This Contest is USA only and all offers 20 points and over count
  • Daily Offer Bonus – You get a 25 cent bonus for every 5 offers completed that are .20/20 points *resets daily
  • Earn $5 and win $1 – Every time You earn $5 in one day you will get a $1.00 bonus
  • Referral Contest – Refer the most members and win Bonus cash $20.00 also prizes for 2nd and 3rd has all the best offer walls, there is something for everyone it is an international GPT. Earn from Surveys to Videos and PTC as well as email offers,downloads and mobile apps. This is also an awesome site to refer people to, not only will they thank you for it later, but you will receive 10% Level 1 – 3% Level 2 and 1% Level 3. You keep your referrals for life, they never go inactive.

Payment options are PayPal and instant Amazon codes.

Registration is a simple process , Click the banner below to get started.