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Great contests on PocketMoneyGPT – for referral and offers completed

There are some great new contests over at one of my absolute favorite GPT sites. The site is and it’s a fun place to make money. I joined back in 2012 and so far I have earned $5,291.60. You can do this too, you can earn in many ways. The contests currently running are.

  • Complete The Most 20+ International – This contest is for the NON USA Members
  • Complete The Most – This is for everyone in any country and all offers count
  • Complete The Most – 5pt+ – This is for all members who complete offers for 5 points and over
  • Complete The Most U.S – This Contest is USA only and all offers 20 points and over count
  • Daily Offer Bonus – You get a 25 cent bonus for every 5 offers completed that are .20/20 points *resets daily
  • Earn $5 and win $1 – Every time You earn $5 in one day you will get a $1.00 bonus
  • Referral Contest – Refer the most members and win Bonus cash $20.00 also prizes for 2nd and 3rd has all the best offer walls, there is something for everyone it is an international GPT. Earn from Surveys to Videos and PTC as well as email offers,downloads and mobile apps. This is also an awesome site to refer people to, not only will they thank you for it later, but you will receive 10% Level 1 – 3% Level 2 and 1% Level 3. You keep your referrals for life, they never go inactive.

Payment options are PayPal and instant Amazon codes.

Registration is a simple process , Click the banner below to get started.

Here4themoney’s Best GPT Sites

Hello and welcome. Today’s post I will tell you what a GPT site is and how to use one to get money and gift cards. I personally have been using GPT sites since 2008. I have made thousands of dollars in cash and gift cards.

What is a GPT site?

A GPT site is a Get Paid To site, a place to interact with advertiser offers and be rewarded. You can Get Paid To do all sorts of things. Some of the stuff you do is, watching videos, visiting web sites, registering for websites, signing up for special promotions, giving opinions in surveys, getting insurance quotes and more.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started, all you need is a computer or other internet enabled device. Then you pick a site to join. Be sure to read the rules of the site because they can differ from site to site but are generally the same. Picking the right site is crucial, you can waste your time on some sites. We suggest you join sites listed on the number one list for good GPT sites

How much do I need to earn in order to get paid?

That can differ from site to site but most modern GPT sites let you cash out with as little as $1.00 earned, for example you can get a $1 amazon code from or you can cash out $1 to PayPal on or With these small minimum withdrawals you can get paid your first day.

Will I get junk mail and email spam from these advertiser offers?

Yes, you will get some junk mail and that is no big deal, some of it’s not bad like coupons and free samples and you can avoid getting spam by creating emails that you only use on advertiser offers. Never use your main email for offers or you will get lots of emails from companies advertising to you. But you should use your real name and address on advertiser offers, I have been doing this since 2008 and nothing bad comes from it but if you use fake information on offers, the GPT site will find out and be forced to ban you.

Can I refer people to these sites and earn money that way too?

Yes, almost all GPT sites have a referral program. The programs differ from site to site. Some of the best referral programs even let you earn cash from not only your referrals but the people they refer also, and even some like and take it a step further and you even earn from the people that your referrals referred and the people that they referred. There is even one site that takes it another step and pays you on 4 referral levels, that site is

I am not in the USA can I still use these sites?

Yes. Many GPT rewards sites allow you to earn from anywhere in the world. The sites with the most opportunity for non USA members are and, If you are in India be sure to check out GPT sites for India.

I don’t use PayPal or Payza or gift cards, can I still get cash?

Yes, you can get cash in the form of a check mailed to your home on with a low $1.00 minimum and no fee. You can also get cash from in the form of a check or direct deposit with a $5.00 minimum and a 15 cent fee.

Can I get paid instantly on a GPT site?

Yes. Although rare there are a few quality get paid to sites that offer instant payments. You can get paid via PayPal instantly on You can get over 100 different gift cards instantly on

Can anyone start their own GPT Site?

Yes. Anyone with a little money can start their own GPT rewards site, that is why we suggest that you only join sites listed on trusted blogs like Here is some great information about starting your own GPT site.

I hope you found this information useful, GPT has been very good to me, I have literally earned thousands of dollars, most people have no trouble making real cash every day that adds up. Your earnings will be based on how much time and effort you put towards it, some people are happy with $3-5 a day while others have goals of making $20-$40+ a day and that is also possible when you take advantage of the referral programs that have no cap on earnings.